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What The F To Wear To Fashion Week?!!




image from clueless -/ wouldn’t it be amazing to have a personal stylist computer?!
Sadly, I will be missing fashion week this month as I am getting ready to leave Barcelona and packing up house to head back to NYC. As fashion week is here i decided it would be very appropriate for me to advise as to what i think is best to wear to the shows from  past experience. I vividly recall the exciting yet exhausting hustle and bustle running the city, sweating(gross I know) , checking my phone, cab after cab, getting annoyed at the cab driver and traffic, re-applying makeup, lipstick to my eye ball while hitting speed bumps, taking photos/ trying to take photos, running in heels/flats, and  trying to keep everything together looking perfectly stylish, cool calm and together (while screaming in side and 1000 degrees). I mean you are at a fashion show surrounded by the quite possibly best dressed people in the city and or world.. HIGH STRESS AND PRESSURE RUSH AND composure.
I recall countless mornings rolling out of bed and I wished I had that clueless closet selecting clothes from a computer and electronic closet, everything neat and tidy and even a personal stylist (yes a stylist wants their own stylist some times–it’s much more fun dressing other people-). However, by day 4 my clothes ended up taking new roles as appolstry for my chairs, others as table cloths, some as lamp shades.  I could barely find anything and hardly had enough energy to make it to starbucks (I am over that now ha)- I pushed through to look some what–well, stylish. A large some of these mornings over the past years I did not even have enough time to put together the perfect ensemble (which annoyed me terribly–each outfit to me is like finishing a masterpiece painting)I was in need of an easy solution/ uniform this is where I came up with my- rule of thumb -go classic and comfortable. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! OFCOURSE EMANUELLE ALT inspired me once again-she has been to a few fashion shows in her life..
the perfect look..for cher at least
image via clueless
what you’ll need for fashion week:
  • 4 / 5 Button down shirt’s  (white/light blue/think classic ) *some can and should have pockets on the bust
  • Jeans -any kind of denim will do (white-yes white–i don’t believe in the no white after labor day rule/blue/black/grey)
  • Shoes-comfortable pumps/booties/ ballet flats/loafers
  • Blazer (navy /black/ grey) *over sized/fitted
  • trench coat
  • motorcycle jacket
  • Teeshirt (i like white best but.. grey, striped, navy, black)
  • Belt (one great belt )
  • Bag (simple, chic, black and can fit things you need to bring with you–bottled water, makeup, tissues….)
  • a light scarf  (neutral)
  • Sunglasses
Emanuelle alt's assistant #CAPUCINE SAFYURTLU

Emanuelle alt’s assistant #CAPUCINE SAFYURTLU

  • Monochrome is always a good idea (yes I love all black everything, it looks so smart)
  • bigger is better--a loser fitted button down shirt partially tucked in in the front and belted –bonus if there are utility pockets on the chest
  • layer shirts (oxford over tee-shirt)
  •  roll with it-cuff your jeans /(just once) and the sleeves of your tee shirts’/button down shirt/blazer –adds a nice touch and it’s more comfortable. Non?
  • dress up your wrists with some gold bangles
  • always bring a sweater/scarf
  • you CAN wear a trench coat even though its not raining
  • DO NOT wear uncomfortable shoes–well you can if you have your driver taking you from show to show/door to door
  • LESS is always MORE
  • mix black and brown and or navy and black -it’s a statement a can be done very beautifully
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emanuelle alt

#emanuelle alt

easy does it




image via j.brand

image via j.brand








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