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I am back after taking time off from just about everything to focus 100 percent on planning a destination wedding… my wedding.. I will come back to that at a later date and I am going to begin posting about weddings and bridal inspiration, that I will discuss at a later date.  Now to notes on a fashion editor-in-chief, fall 2014 trends and rekindling a flame with items in your closet.

tommy ton 1

A few (or possibly more) months ago I became a bit obsessed with French Vogue editor- in-chief Emanuelle Alt’s style (see above). After years of holding some what of a grudge against her due to my love for previous editor- in-chief Carine Roitfeld (silly but true I have been obsessed with her for as long as I can remember).

Emmanuelle-Alt image via Garance Doré

It was nearly impossible for me to avoid Ms. Alt, countless images of her popping up on every fashion and fashion street style blog, literally she was (and still is) everywhere. Soon I found myself mesmerized by her,  even going as far as to google image-ing her for outfit inspiration. The reason for my obsession–the effortless cool she exudes through her style, masculine elements put together in a way that is still sexy.

Each picture I came across, Alt, was perfectly put together yet exuding this care free-ness.  Her looks tend to be made up of practical classic pieces (I think style must be practical for our everyday lives –I need to be comfortable and I think people must be in order to function and exude confidence). I began visually dissecting each outfit and devising a formula for easy go to outfits (I hate spending hours changing it’s much easier to have a go to formula).  One of the outfit’s I saw quite a bit of on her was the belted blazer/ jacket look. I loved the way the blazer became a bit more feminine with the use of the belt. Accentuating the waist on a blazer and putting a spin on outerwear as part of the outfit. She would pair this look with either pumps or kitten heeled boots. I took note of this look and decided this fall I would wear it.. Soon enough the fall shows came and this styling trick had become a trend.

FALL 2014 images via style.com

FALL 2014
images via style.com

This belted blazer/ jacket look appeared in just about every fall 2014 collection (where you can see my favorite looks). Clearly, I will not be the only one sporting this ensemble in the fall.  Perhaps you will join this movement reinventing those items you already have in your closet and getting more use out of your belt/belts. You can begin now by belting a cardigan –practice makes perfect..

Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt

*side note–I recommend using a woven belt or adding a few holes to your leather belts to make them bigger to belt over the jackets/etc. You can purchase a belt hole puncher, or go to your local shoe repair shop.

iimages via tommyton, style.compinterestgarance doré