Just recently I moved to Barcelona. In July my boyfriend at the time asked me to marry him. I said yes, then he got accepted to his dream Business School in Barcelona- the next life changing question he asked was “will you move to Barcelona with me?”  At first I hesitated- leaving my work family, friends,city and life– I thought it over long and hard and gladly accepted. As a person who loves to travel and explore different cultures, foods, art and of course fashion designers—I came along with him. It is temporary and when would I ever have another opportunity like this again?

So here I am. I have been scouting out Barcelona’s  shops, museums, spas, streets, architecture, restaurants,  studying Spanish, discovering this new world of Spanish fashion magazines, fashion labels, photographers,designers and life in general. I have met so many wonderful artists, designers and photographers from here and worked on some amazing shoots. In the midst of all of this was I recently styled a shoot for one of my favorite publications located here in Barcelona, IT fashion. This online magazine featuring fashion news, art, new designers (both internationally and in Barcelona), and features the work of new talent photographers and stylists in their editorial section.

In preparation for a shoot I styled for IT I came across and exceptional label, Martin Lamothe, by Elena Martín. A brilliant designer, creative director, teacher, and person. I met with her in her studio here in Barcelona on an appointment to select clothing for this shoot. I was astonished by not only the designs and quality of the garments, but the textiles and for some —functionality . One of the various works of art I tried on was a stunning black cape made of a parachute like material — Elana proceeded to explain and show me that this garment was not only a cape. She pulled a few ties and snapped a few buttons— and vôila –the cape turned in  to a pair of wide leg trousers. We began talking more as I tried on other pieces from her incredible collection archive. Being the curious one I am I had countless questions-she began to tell me that not only is she a designer for her own label, she also makes her own textiles and teaches fashion courses at a post graduate school here in Barcelona. In addition, Elena develops textiles and does design direction for other international brands.  Last week I received a message from her inviting me to attend her Fall/Winter 2014 show in Madrid, I happened to be going there for the weekend so it worked out wonderfully—either way I would have attended!

The show began with a curtain slowly opening to 7 silhouettes lined up with wide brimmed hats beautifully contrasting against the white background. Presenting another version of the strong slightly masculine yet sexy Martin Lamothe women. The lights slowly rose and the ladies began to trot down the runway one by one. I was on the edge of my seat—my eye’s devouring every detail in a trance as each mysterious lady walked by.
mlopeningThis collection was a perfect mesh of sporty elements turned in sexy yet sophisticated shapes. Brilliant black textures —rubbery, leather,shiny and matte textiles with the perfect finishes. Kimono like jackets of leather translated in to clean geometric lines paired with wide leg leather pants that just hit the ankle. Leather tops with interesting pleated necklines, paired with leather skirts that just skimmed the ankle – also trimmed with this fine interesting pleated trim at the bottom. Tops and coats of leather were finely detailed resembling a sort of armor-perhaps something that Joan of Arc would have worn if she existed today. Wonderful over coats of leather paired with skirts that just hit the knee and beautiful turtlenecks in various black textiles paired with incredible over the knee leather boots and pointed toe loafer like heels. 

martin lamothe!!

The shoes were also stunning designer by Pilar Burgos —especially the boots designer by —I LOVE them, they were pointed toe leather boots that went over the knee in a geometric gray, white and black almost tile-like pattern. The show closed to the Velvet underground’s Shiny boots of leather.  The perfect song for this collection in terms of feel, the girl this season and of course—the boots and shiny leather.

martin lamothe 1Each one of Martin Lamothe’s pieces (even the most basic–or those that appear to be) have a story, having so many special and subtle details in each and every garment. Martin Lamothe’s pieces are modern yet timeless, and each one special and unique. At the moment I want a pair of the leather pants for sure, one of the black leather skirts, and definitely a jacket (I have a jacket obsession) I can not wait to go in to the studio and select some pieces of my own and analyze every piece—I will certainly keep you posted.