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i remember being the age of 6 and kicking the back seat of my mom’s car and obnoxiously kicking her seat. i was on my way to a birthday party and i vividly remember the opaque white tights and frilly dress and being so upset about the having ugly sneakers on my feet. the sneakers were ruining my pretty dressed up outfit. i thought is was incredibly vulgar and i was in tears. i wanted to wear dress shoes! for some reason my mom made me wear sneakers with the dress… i am not sure why-but i was so upset i still remember looking down at my feet with disgust -SNEAKERS AND A DRESS/ SKIRT—UGLY!!! Today about 22 years later i love the combination. i find it funny ..a lot of the time the things you hate or detese at one point in time you end up loving, and the things you love you end up hating (well sometime’s). ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

i am digging the sneaker skirt combo very much… here’s some outfit inspiration. change the look of a skirt by dressing it down with some kicks. i really admire the mix of these two elements. i have even worn them myself, check it out here



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