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guilty of being beyond obsessed with this tee

today’s outfit certainly fits the description ‘casual friday’. i seem to be channeling a bit of a skater style, a laid back california-like vibe (i have been looking at alot of hugh holland‘s pictures of skaters lately..i enjoy them very much–clearly they are influencing my style of dress) i am especially excited to be wearing my new tee !! “celine.. up your bitches”… hmmm..so politically correct. months ago i was obsessed with the “celine” tee’s ( that came in white and black with the name celine across the chest) that were going for about 500 dollars a piece, and sold out straight away . i did not even have time to contemplate purchasing one because they were already gone by the time i reached the store. i went mad calling and researching numbers of every celine store (just about)  world wide.. the obsession finally passed -as most do, some take longer to fizz out than others.  then one day as i was surfing countless sites dazzled with the fashion imagery that i tend to be looking at- i came across this tee (see below). i was ecstatic to have found a tee that was for sale with the words “celine” on it…not only did it say that lovely name it was at a lovely and much lower price.. i even got a bit of a laugh after reading the words below  (celine) “up your bitches”. i proceeded to move my cursor and clicked add to cart and completed my purchase instantly-in this case i am not sure i even thought at all i couldn’t help but buy! ..and here we are today.  the tee-shirt is by michael agwunobi, you can find the tee’s here. he also makes a few other versions with my favorite commes des garcons heart accompanied a phrase that is a bit of a mockery as well, but i like a good laugh.ImageImageImagelexyrose.wordpress.comImage

this is an outfit of extreme highs and lows (price points that is). i like mixing cheap, expensive, men’s pieces, women’s, casual and evening, fake and real, funny and sophisticated…all in to one look- i am sure many of you out there enjoy doing the same… dressing should be fun and not something that should be taken sooo seriously… right? ha.. have a lovely weekend! xx

black tee shirt- michael agwunobi/jean’s chloe (from about 5 years ago)/ leather jacket maje/ black bag with gold chain handle and shoulder strap chanel/ grey painted leopard print canvas slip on’s topshop/ watch cartier/ gold bracelets cartier/ thread bracelet with star charm hortensegold rings cartier / costume stackable crystal rings from emitations