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lexyrose.wordpress.comi just got home yesterday from buenos aires. it was summer there, and i am sad to say i am back in the cold winter of the east coast. every time i go away i like to find interesting clothing (as well as absorb the culture and tour the monuments..well not really tour more like look at), and find and if not too expensive purchase special things to take home with me. i also enjoy seeking out new designers and keep a list from each place i go. below are some items from my favorite stores in buenos aires argentina. each time i go to buenos aires i bring back some lingerie, i find that they have the most beautiful delicate girly pieces…. something i have not read about in shopping guides–however, it is my little secret that i am sharing with you… among places to purchase amazing shoes, hats, and clothing as well…Image

i purchased these delicate underwear with lace details and an applique rose from one of my favorite lingerie and swim wear shops, la brunette.


Imagei also love the lingerie designs of juana de arco, (above) and the store is quite interesting as well. the underwear comes in bright colors and interestingly unique patterns.


this skirt is from another favorite shop of mine in buenos aires, it is called holi I! the clothing is very bohemian, made of beautiful colors and textures. the flowey shapes of the clothing allow you to move freely in warm weather. all the textiles are imported from india and the pieces in the store have a gypsy like vibe, you can even find some great jewelry as well. the items in this shop are very special pieces..you must purchase something from here if you ever find yourself in buenos aires..

Imagethis is the window from my favorite vintage shop juan perez, they have everything from dior, chanel, pucci, hermes, to versace as you can see above.  As well as an incredible collection of scarves, jeans, bags, jewelry, furs, hats..anything and everything you can imagine…and not as expensive as the vintage stores you find here in nyc…


special pieces you will definitely find here, at gabriella capucci. i bought these two head pieces there. i thought they would be amazing for an editorial shoot. the prices are also extremely low considering how unique and interesting they are. in this shop you can also find books, stationary, tote bags, jewelry, and accents for the home as well . the store is also vibrantly decorated and a must see for those of you out there seeking a bit of inspiration and humor.

ImageImagechicco ruiz

 chicco ruiz has the most beautiful and unique handmade shoes. laces made of ribbon, and the shoes are a collage of materials perfectly placed together in to a lovely and unique shoe. i really loved the shoes in this shop..however, since most of them are one of a kind it was hard to find those i really loved in my size …i will be going back as soon as i arrive again in buenos aires…


Imagesusila tantrik is another wonderful shop to find lingerie. a designer who hand makes and  designs all the pieces in her store.  mixing sexy with cute in to perfect pieces of feminine lingerie. some are made of sculpted tulle yet, lined in soft fabric for comfort (you can barely tell you are wearing them when they are on). others have subtle feather details, beading, and embroidery. a shop that has not been written about as much as it should… all the beautiful pieces are handmade and priced so well it is unheard of ..nearly all of my lingerie comes from susila..

if you have any questions as to where the shops are please feel free to email me, although the links should give you the information you need. i have missed blogging..and am happy to say i am back. i will see you tomorrow.