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i am still wearing white (as you can see), always have throughout each season and probably always will. i can’t stand those silly rules about not wearing white past labor day (or whatever it is i honestly don’t know)..i disagree completely. i always hated dress code or rules that apply to clothing colors etc (especially the no white rule–it’s extremely dated). i believe that getting dressed should be fun and free. you have to pay for the clothes so where them when and how you want.ok i get that there are some circumstances where there is a dress code that we need to follow-but i still find it irritating at times. 😉

side note ***i went to school’s all my life where there were strict dress codes and always got in trouble for not following particular dress code rules at least 3/5 days a week.. mostly because my skirt was too short or my pants had back pockets (these were some of the annoying rules) at times i would end up walking around school in a blanket that i would clip to stay up–no joke! i swear, and it was very annoying. but i kept trying to get away with breaking the rules and got caught most of the time. oh well

ANYWAYS i adore white, it has a very modern clean and crisp look and is quite beautiful in monochrome or contrasted against other colors. you should check it out and yes i love white so much that a couple of months ago i even purchased this celine bag in white. i know fashion victim, but i still think its quite beautiful. for those of you who love the bag i found a very similar and beautiful bag by philip lim. there are 2 styles way less expensive at la garconne: the smaller you can get here, the larger here.

  • knitted brown sweater with fringe like detailzero maria cornejo  i got last year you can get a similar version at topshop (only in in the first 2 photos)
  • fur vest -vintage but i found one similar here
  •  white waffle long sleeved henley – david beckham for H&M you can buy a similar version online here.
  • white jeanssandro ( from over the summer), however, you can get a pair that resembles these at urbanoutfitters
  • brown suede boots– isabel marant the leather version are at barneys i also found a less expensive and still very nice pair in suede at asos
  • orange knit cap-i bought in an airport in argentina last year. but you can get one similar at urbanoutfitters
  • white leather bag-celine. as i said before philip lim has beautiful versions of this at la garconne