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previously i mentioned that i have been getting back to illustrating and painting. a hobby i once had that i have come back to. i have been painting quite a bit, but have not posted any of them. i am going to start  posting them once a week. here are some of the watercolor illustrations i have been doing of the fall 2012 celine campaign shot by juergen teller.

the more i paint the different my style gets. i begin to see things and learn different techniques as i go along. you can see this in the illustrations. i also find it quite relaxing and calming to paint. for those of you out there who have a creative side or those of you who have always wanted to paint and have or do, i highly recommend it.there are no calories in painting, :).. and it is free (once you get your supplies) –and way less expensive than a therapist or day of shopping.. a very good way to relieve stress and explore your creative side. i hope you have a great sunday!