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for those of you who read my blog, i am sure you know by now how much i love collecting and looking at images. i could spend all day looking at pictures, and i have. i get so excited at even the thought of opening up a book (of pictures). studying each image, from light to color to subject is like traveling and exploring a new place and moment in time. i worked on a shoot yesterday and the theme was the 60’s.

what came to mind instantly in terms of styling with a 60’s theme was opaque colored tights, fur hats, kitten heeled shoes, maryjanes, minis in beautiful pops of color. in terms of iconography and imagery i thought of marissa berenson, twiggy, eye makeup, david bailey, richard avedon, jean shrimpton, catherine deneuve… when i discuss with a photographer a theme for a shoot images of the past enter my head. the trick is to learn from these images, take the best parts of each and mix them together in to a new work of art. intertwining the elements; hair, makeup, lighting, styling, clothing, fabrics, setting…a variety of elements need to be thought out and it is helpful to refer to other images so that everyone on set understands the theme and direction of the shoot.

below are some images i took while on set styling the shoot. the photographer, Bonnie Tutur set up the scene and lighting.i can not wait to get the one’s she took as soon as i get them i will post them. i am just so excited to share these snap shots with you. yesterday everyone worked wonderfully together, we were all on the same page and the energy was electrifying. when the people you are working with are not only talented at their craft but have the same point of view as everyone on set, and cooperative with one another (i know it sounds cheesy) the magic begins to happen. when this happens i realize once again why i am a stylist and why i love it so much (despite the lugging around tons of clothing, garment racks, etc). i come up with the perfect recipes of a look, and the outfits flow from one to another even if i felt originally like i did not have enough clothing (which i always feel like). it’s funny becasue it is not only me that feels like it is so effortless. yesterday,  the photographer  bonnie turtur, used the most magnificent lighting and set up beautiful shots(she always does but this time really exceptional),  the makeup artist and hair stylist, the amazingly talented Yuco Kokita painted the most dramatically stunning 60’s eyes,adding a subdued lip and cheek, and sculpted the hair in voluminous waves.  as soon as the lovely and talented model, chelsea morgensen @q management got in to the shot she became a girl from the sixties, moving in eloquently in the clothing and softening her gaze. anyways i am not as good of a writer as i am showing you in images so i am going to do just that. i hope you enjoy the images (although they are taken with my iphone) just as much as all of us did . these are not all of the looks but these are some of them :).

inspiration images via  pinterest, tumblr, the fashion spot

images from shoot, my iphone