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there is something very fun to me about wearing a skirt (and in this case coat too)  that moves with you . it adds a bit of fun to an outfit…and to a night. not only did this skirt look great on the hanger, it got even more  beautiful once  i  put it on and moved in it. it’s especially fun to spin in this kind of circular shape skirt, i feel like a ballerina or ice skater. every turn i take is exaggerated by this skirt..and coat.it make’s walking in general quite amusing.  i also love the way it looks in photo’s.. see below

anyway’s i think tonight you should wear a skirt that you can twirl in or cook dinner in ..dance in..whatever you are planning to do. i suggest you pair the skirt with a pair of opaque tights,heeled booties or pumps, a turtleneck.. and of course a coat (see my other post on coats here.…)