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during sandy i went back to my parents house because my power went out, and to see them ofcourse in general 😉 . during those days of no internet (all of last week) i painted and looked through all my old clothing. i came across quite a few old shoes and other favorite pieces that i had gotten sick of and even forgot i still owned. i love finding old things in my closets, or in this case, the closet where my mom keeps all my old things. it’s like shopping! but better because i already paid for them . one of which are these  nike high tops, they are a grey sweat shirt material and have black patent leather accents. not only are they comfortable, but i think they are very cool . my mom even gave me some of her old clothes, the white leather skirt i am wearing is her’s from a couple of years ago. it’s by theysken’s. i love to wear long skirts in the winter and think they look quite cool paired with sneakers. i also recently telephoned shopped during the storm (as the internet was out ). i had remembered seeing this shearling leather motorcycle jacket  by  acne , i called barney’s straight away to see if they still had it. not only does it look awesome, it’s super warm, you can purchase it here. i love it paired with a long skirt, or jeans. i think this winter i will be sporting this look. sneakers+sweater+shearling jacket+long skirt-easy, warm and chic. i think at least.

grey sweater: sandro

white leather skirt: vintage theysken’s, i found a beautiful long white skirt on sale by jil sander here

shearling motorcycle jacket: acne.. i also found a way less expensive version at free people

high top sneakers: nike, i found some other cool sneakers (low and high top) here