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a brief bio :

styling is something that is innate, you are born with it. as much as people do not think it is a craft.  you really understand yourself as a stylist once you are on set practicing the art. however, i think it is very important  to study under a stylist for atleast 2 years to understand the job from returning, to pulling, to organization, etc.. i will get in to this another time.i have been styling for almost 3 years now, independently (not working for a publication)a little over a year.i began my styling career assisting a stylist who worked with various musicians and rappers. i then moved on to working at corduroy magazine where i was the only fashion assistant. i picked all the clothing for the shoots and contacted various pr people to pull clothing and went on appointments selecting all the pieces for each shoot myself. i chose pieces that would work with the celebrity, reflecting their personality and style while working with the magazine’s point of view. i even styled some shoots, which was my first time really working one on one with a photographer, publication and celebrities. i learned so many valuable lessons from this experience and knew that this was the profession i was born for.
in addition to working with various magazines on editorials, and designers, styling look books, and celebrity styling, i have been using any of my free time doing test shoots.
test shoots are extremely important for new and upcoming stylists, photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists to work together creating images for their books (portfolios). it is a very good way to meet other artists and form relationships. for those who are new to working on shoots in general it introduces them to the environment of shoots and gives them an opportunity to have some what of a rehearsal to what actual shoots are like. these test shoots are not necessarily published and the models featured in these shoots are also working on their books. in other words everyone works for free and together to get images for their portfolios. i love doing tests because you can really explore your creativity, coming up with your own concepts and really allowing you to create without guidelines. when working with a magazine/celebrity/brand you generally have to adapt to their vision or point of view (which i love doing as well, it is a challenge at time’s and pushes you to adjust your vision to that of the brand, publication, or personality). i think as a stylist, photographer, makeup artist and hair dresser it shows your true talent when you can conform and adapt to another vision while adding the subtle touches of your own aesthetic but remaining true to your clients identity.
the inspiration for this shoot was a traveling gypsy. this was shot in brooklyn, at the brooklyn bridge park. the photographer i worked with was emese tot. emese is currently in the fashion photography masters program at the school of visual arts in manhattan. the model was katherine from red model management. makeup and hair were done by ai yokomizu, we  decided the model should be a bit bronzed, because as a gypsy she would be outside quite a bit going from place to place. the eyes were lined beautifully to reinforce the mysterious dramatic quality of the character and a little beauty mark was placed next to the eye. these are all subtle ways to further push the theme of the shoot.

photos by emese tot

behind the scenes photo taken by my iphone

improvisation; i tend to improvise on set. changing dresses in to tops, cutting tights, using different fabrics and making them in to dresses or veils. this is what is fun about working on test shoots as well, because i do not have to show clothing by a designer the way it is . when you pull clothing from designers you generally need to show the beauty of the clothing in its true form. celebrating the designer’s work and featuring it the way it is. anyways, here i used a jacket and scarves to make a turban… it was a thought i had on set and manipulated different pieces to create this head piece

vintage lace up boots (behind the scenes photo taken by my iphone )

photos by emese tot

when i originally spoke to the photographer she had requested the idea of this travelling gpsy. automatically i thought to get clothing in various prints and textures. a gypsy collects things as she goes along so i also wanted to portray this through layering which you can see. taking various skirts and dresses, piling them on top of one another. as well as layering the socks and tights. i cut quite a few pairs of hosiery creating the sock/tight look worn with the gold prada maryjane’s shown above. i also took a feather earring and place it on the shoulder as another detail. i really enjoy adding subtle details to my looks, i find that they add character and make the styling special and unique.

these were some of my favorite look’s from the shoot. i will be putting up more of my recent work up as another aspect of my blog. for those of you out there looking to become a stylist, or have any questions please email me. if any of you live in new york and are looking for an assisting job/internship please email me at lexyrose@lexyrose-stylist, as i am looking for new assistants.