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i hate to say it again but yea i have a thing for kimono’s. the problem i have is wearing them out side. like, in public. so i have been trying to think of ways to wear them out without looking like a complete nut. i decided my fall kimono outfit would be a chunky sweater dress, opaque tights, booties and a cap..as you can see from what i am wearing above. this fall outfit won’t last for long but it works for the time being..hopefully after today i can wear this look again or a version of it before serious winter storms in. i got this kimono at amazon.com..the one’s i really want are ridiculously expensive..so i settled for this one.. you can too, then you can wear the kimono around your home (like i do..as does gisele.., out (like i did above), and for halloween thats about two weeks away… so you kill two birds with one stone..if any of you have any amazing kimono links/ know of any stores where they have beautiful one’s that i can atleast look at, or one’s that are cheap and chic..let me know. x