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lately i have been obsessed with kimono’s..more than ever.. at time’s i have flashbacks of editorials i have seen, or covers that have really made an impact in my strongly in my mind (i have countless images for different styles/moods etc of things i have seen that i associate with a feeling/look-as many of you out there do as well). today this one came to mind when i was organizing some of my robes.. out of nowhere.i am in love with this kimono..but there is something else about this image and why it has remained in my memory. i admire the effortlessness of this image, the photos on the wall behind giselle give the cover a human personal feel, as though she just placed them there. it is an unusually inviting photo, something that you or i can relate to, as though she is in her room taking a self portrait or someone came in and snapped a photo. the styling, makeup, hair, is also very natural. and believable not over the top “fashion” and untouchably perfect, and hard to emulate (like most covers tend to be-at time’s i like covers like that but not today). the moment in the photo is a tangible one, familiar to me/ you / the audience…stylistically and in general this is kind of the mood i am in today. this cover was shot by mario testino for the 2002 december/january issue of vogue paris . carine roitfeld’s brilliant eye, point of view, and perfect styling prove to be timeless (among about 100000 other positive thing’s i can say). a decade later this cover still rocks, and she’s still got it. check out the cr fashion book if you have not yet! …..guess what tomorrows post is going to include?? ….