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dries van noten’s spring 2013 collection is a brilliant mix of masculine prints and pieces (sweaters, plaids)..turned lady like in the treatments shapes and fabrics. i like to call it a swirl of  proper rebellion. it reminds me of when i was in fourth grade in prep school (trying to break the preppy dress code–and getting in trouble for it everyday) listening to nirvana and watching grunge over take the world through mtv. this collection has the perfect ingredients that i can identify in my style …and i am sure many of you out there feel the same ; tom boy, grunge, preppy, japanese kimono-esque patterns and shapes (note some of the belts –cord replacing a kimono styled belt),a touch of a lingerie feel, various textures and fabric weights (i love mixing and layering), lady like lenght skirts shoes, and a strong attention to detail. juxtaposing different worlds and shapes in a way that some how complements them creating a beautifully put together composition (or look).

there is obviously such careful attention in every layer of each garment (the draping, flowers, treatments, etc), yet at the same time they look so nonchalantly stylish.  that is true brilliance to effortlessly pull of  such genius talent and hard work. 

i am terribly inspired by this collection. i am beyond in love with all of these looks -i can’t wait to see them in person.. dries is a true genius and i am going to start saving up for some of this gear like NOW

one line for dries (considering he confirmed this in the review i read on style.com)

‘i love you so much it makes me sick’ -kurt cobain (well atleast your clothes, especially this collection… xx)

*all images via style.com

i hope this made sense if not make some sense of it! comments ! questions?! another x for good luck.