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the east coast weather has been extremely inconsistent and unpredictable. as a result i never know what to wear, and if i do decide on something by the afternoon the weather has done a complete 180 and ends up the opposite of what it was in the morning. by the end of the day i am either sweating or freezing.. anyway’s, i am sad about the end of summer and decided to sport a last look of summer tribute. however, do not hold me to this as 1)this weather is unpredictable and 2)when it come’s to getting dressed i just do it depending on my moods..

today’s look is tom boy surfer..with a feminine twist. i am particularly excited about the sunglasses i am wearing. i just received them!! (see below)

blue oxford with white cuff and collar , the gap.

sunglasses,westward leaning.

shoes, on sale from barney’s by alexander wang.

shorts, boys swim trunks that resemble denim, from urban outfitters.