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like most of you out there. i am going through another fashion phase- mind you this could last for a day and probably will. i used to love color, then i went through the all black phase. however, right now, i want everything surrounding me and on me to be white. from the interior spaces i live and work, to my shoes, as you know. along with this white obsession, i have come to really love the wide leg pant. i recently came across these wide leg pants from shopbop, they were on sale for 100.00 from 700.00. i am obsessed with them. anyways, i am in search of more wide legs..this is how i styled my first pair of the season. if you do not own a pair i suggest you purchase a pair. they are extremely elongating and flattering, comfortable, and a necessary piece for your wardrobe this fall.
shirt, j.crew. pants, on sale, sonia rykiel, from shopbop. shoes, by dolce vita.
then i added a chain necklace as a detail on the belt loop. skater boy 90's style. shirt, j.crew. necklace (worn on belt loop), from urban outfitters. pants, sonia rykiel.
the chain necklace i added as another detail. you can purchase it here