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after being in the suburbs on and off for the past few weeks i have been taking the time out to do more craft like work. this is very unusual for me as i regularly spend my days off in the city flipping through pages of magazines and researching new designers…i also tend to race from one shopping site to the next filling my virtual cart with incredibly beautiful yet over priced accessories (which is my favorite thing to buy) then closing the window before i continue to check out. in one of these crazy cyber shopping experiences i came across these pink kitten heel miu miu shoes on net-a-porter.. this time i held back on closing the browser and went through with the purchase.. the shoes were my not only my size (which is very hard to find…being 5’10 i have the feet to match my stature) , miu miu which i always find very comfortable and easy to walk and work in (i only buy shoes that i can move around in and are comfortable) and rose colored, they were also on sale! ..so back to the craft work part. i have been making these bracelets as shown below. i am very in to mixing these bright colors and pulling the beads through the stretchy elastic like cords. i find them easier to use than wire because you do not need a specific length and no clasping is necessary. it reminds me of summer camp as a child. that is about as d.i.y as i get. however the name plate necklace is also a version of d.i.y, well more so custom..you should do place an order yourself here