save your skin while updating your look


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Blaise Reutersward, Vogue Germany September 2014

Blaise Reutersward 3 Blaise Reutersward 4vogue germany, september 2014 photographed by Blaise Reutersward

Lately I have become quite obsessed with hats as a part of my daily look. They have become as essential to me as my hand bags is in completing an ensemble. After moving to Barcelona, I became very aware of how different the strength of the sun was here in comparison to New York. Even from just walking around doing daily errands I noticed that my skin appeared to be bit dryer, and freckles and sun spots arose on my cheek bones as well as on the bridge of my nose. For quite some time I have been using (since I lived in NYC) La Prairie’s anti aging emulsion spf 30, and their anti-aging spf 15 eye cream– but soon realized spf 30 was not enough protection for the sun here in Barcelona. I continued to use these products but added another step to my daily routine, Sisley’s sunscreen of spf 50 ( which is now part of my daily skin regimen). I noticed that this was much better protection for my face, however, I still felt as though I needed another way to shield the sun.  This is when I decided to buy a hat. One hat lead to 3, and now I have some what of a collection (I have a tendency of collecting things!! Especially clothing, books, bags, shoes, makeup, ..umm everything).

Cher in the 70's

Cher in the 70’s

I have always loved a hat, and style with them quite a bit. Just by placing a hat on a simple outfit adds a bit of sophistication and style. Whenever I see a lady in a hat walking down the street/ in a store, wherever– I always find me self a bit interested in them. There is something so mesmerizing and interesting, I can not explain but I am sure the next time you see a lady in hat you will look again and understand what I mean–it sounds silly but it’s so true. There is a certain confidence one wearing a hat exudes (I am sure, without a hat, many of these ladies I have done double takes at were not as interesting without the hat). Every iconic, stylish woman (just about) has worn this accessory, one in particular wore one to her wedding. See the style icons below:

Bianca and Mick Jagger at their wedding in St.Tropez, 1971

Bianca and Mick Jagger at their wedding in St.Tropez, 1971

Marissa Berenson

Marissa Berenson

Gucci 1971

Gucci 1971

Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway

Ali Magraw and Bob Evans in the 70's

Ali Magraw and Bob Evans in the 70’s

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scar Face..favorite for style

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scar Face..favorite for style

Being 5’10 I thought it would be a bit too much to wear a hat. Clearly I have gotten over this. I now think it’s terribly stylish. A hat is not only something to wear to the beach, it can be worn daily: out to dinner, to work. In the summer accent a long dress and grecian sandals with a hat. Heading towards fall wear a black blazer, black pants with a white tee, pumps, and hat. See below for street style inspiration:

1f5dc3d73702a1cc677670e66c2ab37dlexyrose tumblr_mtmlfeTNVW1qers97o1_4004d1c9322155b24b05140aec7b7592b0e 5d720f241d2a781b3fd6281497fdd454 54ae698eff0cf44b3a361c078ee299df 54c758587fb72262e84d962bc20886eb 549a173f8ab9dbf9948e490fb3f09098 720df1e6fb90d8d1e5da074e3f95398f kate moss and jamie hince 230211 b44e1bbf2c05db9c5944a0d8e650b59f c78ee2a7e734f053908cfdf532549447 ca465b4dbc4154a337c5aa2ebbb7e144lexyrose tumblr_murt0fXP8J1qh9n5lo1_500 tumblr_mwme2vtcw21qhq500o1_500 tumblr_mysvm9XCU41rsuch2o1_500 free people tumblr sl 2013 _ON_0148.450x675


images via,, tumblr, elle, vogue, Pinterest

Hats can save your skin, and make you look a little bit more stylish. Why not invest in one. *I recommend starting with a black felt hat so you can wear it in to fall–it’s a bit more practical once winter rolls in. I found a great selection of hats that are not too pricey here. xo



elegantly waisted. buckle up this fall


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I am back after taking time off from just about everything to focus 100 percent on planning a destination wedding… my wedding.. I will come back to that at a later date and I am going to begin posting about weddings and bridal inspiration, that I will discuss at a later date.  Now to notes on a fashion editor-in-chief, fall 2014 trends and rekindling a flame with items in your closet.

tommy ton 1

A few (or possibly more) months ago I became a bit obsessed with French Vogue editor- in-chief Emanuelle Alt’s style (see above). After years of holding some what of a grudge against her due to my love for previous editor- in-chief Carine Roitfeld (silly but true I have been obsessed with her for as long as I can remember).

Emmanuelle-Alt image via Garance Doré

It was nearly impossible for me to avoid Ms. Alt, countless images of her popping up on every fashion and fashion street style blog, literally she was (and still is) everywhere. Soon I found myself mesmerized by her,  even going as far as to google image-ing her for outfit inspiration. The reason for my obsession–the effortless cool she exudes through her style, masculine elements put together in a way that is still sexy.

Each picture I came across, Alt, was perfectly put together yet exuding this care free-ness.  Her looks tend to be made up of practical classic pieces (I think style must be practical for our everyday lives –I need to be comfortable and I think people must be in order to function and exude confidence). I began visually dissecting each outfit and devising a formula for easy go to outfits (I hate spending hours changing it’s much easier to have a go to formula).  One of the outfit’s I saw quite a bit of on her was the belted blazer/ jacket look. I loved the way the blazer became a bit more feminine with the use of the belt. Accentuating the waist on a blazer and putting a spin on outerwear as part of the outfit. She would pair this look with either pumps or kitten heeled boots. I took note of this look and decided this fall I would wear it.. Soon enough the fall shows came and this styling trick had become a trend.

FALL 2014 images via

FALL 2014
images via

This belted blazer/ jacket look appeared in just about every fall 2014 collection (where you can see my favorite looks). Clearly, I will not be the only one sporting this ensemble in the fall.  Perhaps you will join this movement reinventing those items you already have in your closet and getting more use out of your belt/belts. You can begin now by belting a cardigan –practice makes perfect..

Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt

*side note–I recommend using a woven belt or adding a few holes to your leather belts to make them bigger to belt over the jackets/etc. You can purchase a belt hole puncher, or go to your local shoe repair shop.

iimages via tommyton, style.compinterestgarance doré

designer love in barcelona-martin lamothe

Just recently I moved to Barcelona. In July my boyfriend at the time asked me to marry him. I said yes, then he got accepted to his dream Business School in Barcelona- the next life changing question he asked was “will you move to Barcelona with me?”  At first I hesitated- leaving my work family, friends,city and life– I thought it over long and hard and gladly accepted. As a person who loves to travel and explore different cultures, foods, art and of course fashion designers—I came along with him. It is temporary and when would I ever have another opportunity like this again?

So here I am. I have been scouting out Barcelona’s  shops, museums, spas, streets, architecture, restaurants,  studying Spanish, discovering this new world of Spanish fashion magazines, fashion labels, photographers,designers and life in general. I have met so many wonderful artists, designers and photographers from here and worked on some amazing shoots. In the midst of all of this was I recently styled a shoot for one of my favorite publications located here in Barcelona, IT fashion. This online magazine featuring fashion news, art, new designers (both internationally and in Barcelona), and features the work of new talent photographers and stylists in their editorial section.

In preparation for a shoot I styled for IT I came across and exceptional label, Martin Lamothe, by Elena Martín. A brilliant designer, creative director, teacher, and person. I met with her in her studio here in Barcelona on an appointment to select clothing for this shoot. I was astonished by not only the designs and quality of the garments, but the textiles and for some —functionality . One of the various works of art I tried on was a stunning black cape made of a parachute like material — Elana proceeded to explain and show me that this garment was not only a cape. She pulled a few ties and snapped a few buttons— and vôila –the cape turned in  to a pair of wide leg trousers. We began talking more as I tried on other pieces from her incredible collection archive. Being the curious one I am I had countless questions-she began to tell me that not only is she a designer for her own label, she also makes her own textiles and teaches fashion courses at a post graduate school here in Barcelona. In addition, Elena develops textiles and does design direction for other international brands.  Last week I received a message from her inviting me to attend her Fall/Winter 2014 show in Madrid, I happened to be going there for the weekend so it worked out wonderfully—either way I would have attended!

The show began with a curtain slowly opening to 7 silhouettes lined up with wide brimmed hats beautifully contrasting against the white background. Presenting another version of the strong slightly masculine yet sexy Martin Lamothe women. The lights slowly rose and the ladies began to trot down the runway one by one. I was on the edge of my seat—my eye’s devouring every detail in a trance as each mysterious lady walked by.
mlopeningThis collection was a perfect mesh of sporty elements turned in sexy yet sophisticated shapes. Brilliant black textures —rubbery, leather,shiny and matte textiles with the perfect finishes. Kimono like jackets of leather translated in to clean geometric lines paired with wide leg leather pants that just hit the ankle. Leather tops with interesting pleated necklines, paired with leather skirts that just skimmed the ankle – also trimmed with this fine interesting pleated trim at the bottom. Tops and coats of leather were finely detailed resembling a sort of armor-perhaps something that Joan of Arc would have worn if she existed today. Wonderful over coats of leather paired with skirts that just hit the knee and beautiful turtlenecks in various black textiles paired with incredible over the knee leather boots and pointed toe loafer like heels. 

martin lamothe!!

The shoes were also stunning designer by Pilar Burgos —especially the boots designer by —I LOVE them, they were pointed toe leather boots that went over the knee in a geometric gray, white and black almost tile-like pattern. The show closed to the Velvet underground’s Shiny boots of leather.  The perfect song for this collection in terms of feel, the girl this season and of course—the boots and shiny leather.

martin lamothe 1Each one of Martin Lamothe’s pieces (even the most basic–or those that appear to be) have a story, having so many special and subtle details in each and every garment. Martin Lamothe’s pieces are modern yet timeless, and each one special and unique. At the moment I want a pair of the leather pants for sure, one of the black leather skirts, and definitely a jacket (I have a jacket obsession) I can not wait to go in to the studio and select some pieces of my own and analyze every piece—I will certainly keep you posted.

FEATHERED. outfit’s to wear this holiday season


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feathers in fashion

feathers in fashion

here are some reasons to wear feathers. inspirations and outfit’s below (and above). add some feathered frocks, and or accessories to your wardrobe. they add a bit of  flair, and individuality in to every look. your entrances sure to make a beautiful statements. a glamorous touch to each ensemble. i will be purchasing some of these below pieces to wear out on the town this month, and in to the new year.

image via fault magazine

image via fault magazine

the red feathered shoe

1. marie turnor bag

2. paul andrew feathered shoe skirt with fluted hem

4.faux leather safari jacket

5.elizabeth cole earrings

6. combined top

image via flickr

image via flickr

the feathered skirt

1. v-neck grey sweater

2.fabric beaded collar

3.feathered skirt

4.high heeled ankle boot sandal 

5.cropped biker jacket

image via TFS

image via TFS

the feathered jacket

1. american vintage, long sleeved tee

2.forget me knot scarf bird, tomboy first knuckle ring bird, knuckle ring

5. acne, petra boot

6.studded chain belt

7.meli melo bag

8.mother denim, jeans

9. feathered jacket

10. club monaco, set of 3 pairs of earrings 

chanel, image via

chanel, image via


1. embellished sleeve grey sweater

2.row of rhinestones cuff earring

3. cheap monday, bren jacket

4.mermaid skirt

5.nina ricci feathered cuff

6.nail ring

7. jas mb clutch

8.bullet silver ring set 

9. acne, grey closed toe pump

photo by SolveSundsbo, image via fashion gone rogue

photo by SolveSundsbo, image via fashion gone rogue

the feathered dress

the feathered dress

1. clare vivier, fold over clutch

2.blushing ambition, pink biker jacket

3.feathered hanging earrings

4. pistol stilleto boot

5. feather fluff dress

Dreaming Of Another Era


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It’s been a long time..I have been working quite a bit styling various editorials for different publications. . Here is a recent story I worked on for The Lab Magazine shot by the incredibly talented photographer Ira Chernova .  Beauty and hair by Erin Green. The amazingly beautiful model is Charlie @ Next . We shot this story on in my neighborhood. NYC’S upper east side. I hope you like the images as much as I do… :) x I will continue to keep you posted on my shoots and stylish obsessions. until then have a great weekend.lexyrose boiardo stylist 998910-470x335 31-470x335 8-470x335 9-470x335 21-470x335 51-470x335 41-470x335 61-470x335 11-470x335 71-470x335

trying to find the perfect shoe? i just did (it)…


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so i just purchased these sky high nike dunks you can actually slam dunk in.. (they give you height–). they are exactly what look for in a shoe(or wedge.or sneaker) … they are comfortable (yes i always write about and seek comfort), versatile ( in style, color, and season), practical, and easy to run around and work in….oh and at a good price!

i love the look of a sneaker, but at times i find that a wedge or heel is so much more flattering on the legs (particularly when wearing super skinny jeans) this is the perfect solution. this nike sky high sneaker is now staple in my wardrobe. i have been wearing them every day, and i am going to continue to wear them through fashion week…. this pair i got is the nike and liberty collaboration. you can get them here, there are also many other versions. i recommend you get them..just do it. you will be happy you did. xoxnike-liberty-dunk-sky-hi-black-white-bolt-wedge-trainers-sneakers

some girls..a fashion story


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photos by emese tot

styling by lexyrose boiardo/ myself

makeup and hair by natalie miller

models; sara gardner@ boss models and Melanie @red model management

lexyrose.wordpress.comknit caps, american apparel. stacked swarovski rings anna belen nyc. sweath shirts, championlexyrose2cross swarovski stud earring anna belen . nyc, ring stylists own. leather motorcycle jacket, balenciaga


stud earrings anna belen nyc. distressed jeans,levis. cardigan sweater, zara. tee-shirt, sandro. sneakers, nike . (model on right) white oxford shirt, j.crew. hooded zip up sweatshirt, james perse. denim skirt, junya watanabe. chain link bracelet, chrome hearts. name plate bracelet, stylists own. rings, stylists own. brown leather shoes with tassel, dr marten x comme des garçons.


stud earrings anna belen nyc. distressed jeans,levis. cardigan sweater, zara. tee-shirt, sandro. sneakers, nike . (model on right) white oxford shirt, j.crew. hooded zip up sweatshirt, james perse. denim skirt, junya watanabe. chain link bracelet, chrome hearts. name plate bracelet, stylists own. rings, stylists own. brown leather shoes with tassel, dr marten x comme des garçons.

lexyrose5knit cap, american apparel. long pinstripe coat, dolce and gabbana. jeans, levi’s. cashmere men’s v-neck sweater, lore piana. sweatshirt champion. sneakers, new balance. (on right) sweat shirt, american apparel.  white coat, balenciaga. distressed jeans, sandro. shoes, dr marten x comme des garçons.


knit cap, american apparel. chain necklace, ASOS. men’s cashmere v-neck sweater, j.crew. pinstripe jacket, dolce and gabbana. (on right) sweatshirt, champion. hooded sweatshirt, vince. white jacket, balenciaga. rings , ann belen nyc .

lexyrose7(on left) stud earring, ann belen nyc. sweat shirt, champion. camoflogue vest, club monaco. jeans, mother denim. (right) sweatshirt, champion. army jacket, j.crew. jeans, mother denim

lexyrose9knit hats, tee-shirt dresses and sweatshirts american apparel. motorcycle jackets, balenciaga. rings ann belen nyc.


white magic–are you under it’s spell?


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jil sander 2008ImageImage

                                                    acne rita jacket……………………………………….

lexyrose                                                                                                                   simuji white leather tee…………………………….


lexyrose                                                                                            organic by john patrick cropped knit sweater 


lexyrose                                                                                                               ……… american apparel jazz shoe……………….

lexyrosela repubblica no.823 by emiliio tini

images via anothermag/ fashiongonerogue/fashioncopioustypepad/pinterest/tumblr

the meaning of white something i found on this feng- shui blog that i would like to share with you

  •  Innocence
  • Clarity
  • Cleanliness
  • Expansive / Open
  • Purity
  • Spirituality
  • Goodness / Hope
  • Humility
  • Infinity
  • Peaceful / Relaxing / Soothing
  • Detached (that’s why it is not very often people’s favorite color, life is colorful)
  • Sterile

i find color to be a very interesting subject.  i enjoy reading about it’s psychological effects and significance in cultures/healing properties/ auras. i find the above list to be quite true in terms of the color white’s effect/ and what it represents. do any of the above register or make sense to you when you look at white?

sneaker freak…love vs hate


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i remember being the age of 6 and kicking the back seat of my mom’s car and obnoxiously kicking her seat. i was on my way to a birthday party and i vividly remember the opaque white tights and frilly dress and being so upset about the having ugly sneakers on my feet. the sneakers were ruining my pretty dressed up outfit. i thought is was incredibly vulgar and i was in tears. i wanted to wear dress shoes! for some reason my mom made me wear sneakers with the dress… i am not sure why-but i was so upset i still remember looking down at my feet with disgust -SNEAKERS AND A DRESS/ SKIRT—UGLY!!! Today about 22 years later i love the combination. i find it funny ..a lot of the time the things you hate or detese at one point in time you end up loving, and the things you love you end up hating (well sometime’s). ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

i am digging the sneaker skirt combo very much… here’s some outfit inspiration. change the look of a skirt by dressing it down with some kicks. i really admire the mix of these two elements. i have even worn them myself, check it out here



images via tumblr, visual optimisim, fashion copious typepad, pinterest, TFS, fashiongonerogue



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